About the namad farayand sobh

The “Namad Farayand Sobh” Company, with 15 years of experience in the production and supply of breakfast cereals, muesli and breadcrumbs under the “Penguin” brand, has always tried to benefit from new knowledge and up-to-date equipment and machinery, creating Diversity in manufactured products to meet a wider range of customers.

This company, as one of the subsidiary companies of Namad Pars Sanat Holding, with the development of production lines, equipment and production machines, in addition to producing the main products of the factory, in 1400, set up production lines for packaged peanuts with packaging and various energy loads as well.

Also, from the beginning of its activity, the company has developed its sales channels with the aim of gaining a suitable share of the basket of bulk cereal products and various types of energy.

At present, it has concluded sales contracts with almost all stores in the global chain and many local chain stores, and our products with the Penguin brand are available to dear customers in all cities and towns, even in the most remote parts of the country. is.

The largest chain stores in the country, including Ofogh Kourosh, Hyperstar, Hypermi, Shahrvand, Refah, Etka, Hypersan, Janbo, and online stores such as Digi Kala, Snap Market, Okala, Timcheh, Bozersan, and… are among the Penguin product supply centers.

Our core values

The Namad Farayand Sobh company in their field of activity, to the health of the people of the society and to prioritize human beings Seriously adheres to all business indicators. The company considers the following as ethical values and priorities:


Commitment to production and supply of quality products as the main feature in all stages of production from raw material selection to processing, packaging and product supply.

Customer Orientation

Respect for customer choice, commitment to properly understand customer needs and strive to meet customer expectations in the three sides of the customer-oriented triangle, including optimal quality, reasonable price and ease of access to product purchase.

Adherence to principles

Honesty and integrity considering the interests of all stakeholders, adherence to current national laws, financial commitments and ethical and professional principles in business.

Mutually beneficial communication

Beneficial mutually beneficial relationship with customers as the core assets of the brand, suppliers and business partners.